Developments in the 15-16 Premier League

Let us say congratulations to Bournemouth.  A long time coming as they made the top flight by conquering the second tier last year.  A first appearance in a history that spans 116 years.  They will need Callum Wilson to exceed his efforts last year that saw him get twenty goals.  Good fortune to them and now let us peek at some of the pertinent factors coming into this new season.

  • Up or down for Everton.  Eleventh last season after barely missing out on the Champions League.  Fortunes will ride on Romelu Lukaku here.
  • Man City’s main hope is not the monster contract that they gave Raheem but in Sergio Aguero.  Fitness is hard to predict before the season but only a couple weeks in should tell us all we require to know about him.
  • Even more reliance on Wayne Rooney might derail Man U.  De Gea might be gone and then we have a potentially disappointing situation brewing here.

Down Seasons

  • Southampton.  Seventh this year will not be repeatable.  Depth will wear them down despite having Sadio Mane.
  • Swansea will swoon right from the get go.  Wilfried Bony’s loss leads to them not having a technical presence on the field.  Teams will grind them down because of this.
  • Finally, Watford has imploded.  They step up and fire their manager.  An infusion of ten players make chemistry an issue.  Too much early losing will keep them down the entire year.

Upton Park will be celebrating/mourning West Ham’s last year hear.  12th last season will be improved upon.  Look for Diafra Sakho to have a big year for them.  So keep on the lookout here at APEX Soccer Betting for more Premier league action.  Free Picks next week as we see how the dust settled from this week.