Destiny Dictates Strong Costa Rica Performance 7/14

Costa Rica could be put in a precarious position should it falter this evening at 8:30PM against Canada.  The Gold Cup has seen the over achieving nation garner just two draws after surrendering leads in both of their other group games.  A misstep here and most of the World Cup progress they had shown will be thrown out the window.  So join us here at APEX Soccer Betting as we attempt to divine which path to profit to trod on for the three way line tonight for Costa Rica vs Canada.

Eye Test

Costa Rica’s offense has grown from their counter punching mentality .  A new coach wants to assert himself as an entity that can do more than implement the plans of his predecessor.  It has been such a long time since this team has won anything let alone in ninety minutes.  They can score against second tier opposition since this transition.  Will they get a goal in the first ninety against Canada?  Yes.  All that remains will be to determine if the team north of the border can finally score something in this Gold Cup.

Inept Vs Weakness

A head in the sand strategy for Canada has at least allowed them to not look bad here.  One goal against and none for has no one howling for their jobs.  It has just been a damage control situation.  The gulf in the talent between the two nations is much too large.  The CR team has been bad on defense but Canada is inept in all the stages.  When forced out of their shell tonight, they will get stomped.  A one goal difference is the minimum we see here.  Two goals up for CR could be justified in the wager.  The Ticos finally get the win they needed a year after the coaching change.  Good fortune tonight and we will see you next time here at Apex Soccer Betting.