Daily Soccer Odds at Offshore Sportsbooks

Daily soccer odds at offshore sportsbooks have value.

Key Points

– Soccer bettors will find the best daily soccer odds offshore.

– Offshore sportsbooks offer many advantages for soccer bettors.

Daily Soccer Odds at Offshore Sportsbooks

There is no question that soccer is the world’s game. It is played all over the world. There are numerous professional leagues in multiple countries on multiple continents. The World Cup is one of the most anticipated sporting events on the planet.

Because of its popularity, soccer is also one of the most popular sports to bet on. However, betting on soccer at U.S.-based sportsbooks is a little different compared to those that are offshore.

U.S. vs. Offshore

Soccer is also wildly popular in the U.S. Major League Soccer continues to grow despite sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey dominating as spectator sports. Those four sports also create the most buzz at sportsbooks, but bettors still crave for action on soccer matches all over the world.

The problem with U.S. sportsbooks is that they just don’t offer the number of markets that offshore books do. Soccer bettors will find the bare minimum when it comes to daily soccer odds at a U.S-based sportsbook. 

One of the things that keeps bettors coming back to certain sportsbooks is just the sheer amount of action they can find. When bettors cannot find the bets they want, they simply move onto the next betting source. 

Most bettors will tell you that going offshore is the way to go anyway. The selection of bets is greater. The odds are better (more on that later) and bettors can get some pretty great bonuses when they sign up for offshore accounts.

Understanding Offshore Sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks are websites that allow people in any country to bet on sporting events (as well as select other events). These websites are not regulated by the United States government, which means that they are not required to follow any U.S. rules or regulations. It also means that these businesses are not taxed by the U.S. government. As a result, many offshore sportsbooks are located in the Caribbean and Central America where regulations and taxes are low.

Because of the amount of regulation and the lower taxes, offshore books have a distinct advantage when it comes to setting betting lines and odds. Bettors will find better odds and reduced juice when they go offshore. 

What these sportsbooks save in taxes and other forms or licensing and regulation can be passed on directly to the consumer, the bettor. 

Since these operations have been around for so long, they are extremely efficient. They also are able to offer action on bets that you won’t find elsewhere. Bonuses and other incentives are usually better at these sportsbooks. That helps bettors stretch their bankroll and gives them a better chance of coming out ahead in the long run.

With so many years in operation, bettors find that the overall betting experience is simply better too. Since many have been around so long, they also have strong reputations in the industry.


Better Daily Soccer Odds

For soccer bettors that want the best soccer odds, going offshore is one of the easiest things that can be done. These sportsbooks typically offer better odds than U.S. sportsbooks, whether land-based or online. Keep in mind the differences between American soccer odds and European odds.

Remember, going outside the U.S. for betting action has its advantages. Because of less regulation and taxation on their operations, offshore sportsbooks have fewer overhead costs. As a result, they are able to pass on some of the savings to their customers.

These savings are passed on in the form of great sportsbook bonuses and promotions and also on a daily basis as better lines and odds. Soccer bettors can repeatedly find better pricing on the bets they want at an offshore sportsbook. 

One of the easiest things a bettor can add to their existing soccer betting strategy is to shop for the best lines. Time and time again, bettors will find the best lines when they go outside the U.S. to find the best soccer action.

Choosing the Best Soccer Sportsbook

There is value in choosing an offshore sportsbook to do all of your soccer betting. As mentioned, the overall selection of bets is much wider. Bettors can find more than just the standard moneyline and totals bets. 

There are three-way moneylines, draw no bet, as well as bets such as both teams to score that are more popular with soccer bettors. Props bets are also part of the offering. That is something that one will not find at a U.S.-based online sportsbook.

The wider selection, the better pricing, and the entire betting experience are reasons why soccer bettors should head offshore for their betting needs.