COPA A2016 : USA vs Costa Rica 6/7

COPA America might just fall under the radar of your local bookie.  The man perched at the end of the stool has his mind on the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and season long baseball.  Largest sport in the world and he pays little heed to it.  This is the plight of the punter in America.  Action all over the globe and our local wont cover it.  America’s Bookie comes to the rescue not only with the USA vs Costa Rica offerings for tonight’s game at 8PM but action in leagues from every corner of the globe.  Let APEX Soccer Betting take a peak at where you can make profit in tonight’s pivotal COPA game.

COPA America : Jurgen’s Last Stand

Colombia’s demolition of the USA 2-0 leaves the Americans at the bottom of Group A.  The host nation is looking up at all three teams since CR and Paraguay drew at 0-0.  Now the Ticos come to Solider Field.  Their program has been in a little chaos since losing their coach that lead them to World Cup success.  What makes Costa Rica an iffy proposition tonight is the red card they drew last time.  Superb defenseman Kendall Waston is gone for this one.  This will help create lanes for the Americans attack.

Attack They Will

Besides the moneyline, offshore gives you three way lines, spreads, and totals for this game.  This is just one of the advantages that offshore gives you.  High Street Betting gives a synopsis of the advantages of offshore outs on their site.  Goal differential is the mountain that the Americans face.  Even a one goal win might not get that out of danger with them losing by two the first time out.  With no key tournaments coming up, the time to replace Jurgen would be now if the USA flops out of COPA.  This is why you will see risk taking and a devil may care attitude tonight.  Counter attacking chances by the Costa Rican team should flourish as a result.

USA is the favorite in the three way line to the tune of -120.  Draw gets you near +220 with a CR win netting over +300.  Our interest is in the totals.  Two goals is where the bar is set.  Look for aggressive play on offense.  Both teams will have ample chances.  APEX Soccer’s Free Pick of the Day is for this game to be bet on the over two goals.  Good fortune and get those bets in now before the 8PM start time on Tuesday, June 7th at Americas Bookie.