City and Unite Battle in the Manchester Derby!

This will be the 170th time this war will be waged on the pitched.  Manchester City and United will face each on the soccer field this Sunday.  Last time they met on Derby Day United came away with a 4-2 win.  Will this reflect in the three way line or will United buck the trend and be the favorite once more.  Read on here at AEPX Soccer Betting to find out all the salient points in this Sunday matchup.

City’s Recent Dominance

Four in a row for them was punctuated by Robert Van Persie’s famous winner back in 2014.  Part of what will make it rough for City is them missing Aguero and Silva.  Do not be fooled by the five goals they erupted with against Bournemouth.  Most of them were the result of flubs by the opposing goalie.  Meanwhile on the defensive side of things, the perception going into this one is that Valencia will again have containment problems with the Wingers.

Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes and a big birthday milestone goes out to Rooney.  Now he is on the wrong side of thirty.  However because the calendar turns on this day, look for Wayne to let it really fly in this one.  With any sort of  magical effort here will deflect for a month of more the heaps of criticism that are on him.  Look for high energy for a Unite squad here.

Odds Three way

  • Draw +240
  • United +155
  • City +175

We agree with the prevailing win that United should be favored against City.  Unless City gets it in their head to just play for a draw early on, the tide will flow in on United as Rooney will have a resurgence for one game.  Never mind what possible moves Van Gaal has in store, this will be all about Wayne.  Good fortune with our Free Pick and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.