Chippy Chelsea Still a Fade

We have been advocating fading Chelsea for quite a while.  Their slide closer to the basement is still an ongoing process.  Now people are wasting precious energy going to the press instead of solving the problems on the pitch.  What Chelsea star is now trying to deflect the blame from the inflexible coach?  Read on as APEX Soccer Betting still urges you to bet against Chelsea as the turmoil continues for them.

Mourinho Suspended?

Coach had a minor meltdown and should remain suspended for their Saturday match.  His actions got him ejected from the game and his comments after the Southhampton match might cost him 50k in Euros and another game.  This is the level of pressure that is mounting on him.  Following his lead, John Terry now took the the press to lambaste a very vocal critic.

Robbie Savage Reduced?

Instead of considering the merit of criticism heaped on him from Robbie Savage, John Terry took to the offense.  Doing something he has not done much of this season, he scored some points via scathing retorts.  He said that while he will heed the advice from the legends of the sport that Robbie falls way short of the level and thus does not deserve attention nor merit on his statements.  Even the coach can see the shortcomings in Terry’s game as he benched John recently for him being so out of form.

Meltdown is still occurring Chelsea.  It is vital to note that if the suspension stands on Saturday, the prudent advice would to hold off on the fade.  With Mourinho not there, the team will be looser and implement a less restrictive result.  Suspension lifts then bet on Chelsea.  When Mourinho returns, fade away on them.  This is the advice for November.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.