Chelsea Exceeding Expectations and Champions League Free Pick

EPL fans that live for action are lauding Chelsea’s surge to the top of the league.  For those that just watch the games for enjoyment, the dry style of Chelsea may not be their cup of tea.  However for those that put cold hard cash on the games, there are few better at coming through than Apex Soccer Betting’s favorite club.  Two Free Pick selections with the same amount of easy cashes.  We will review our mid week selection and speculate on the future week here at Apex Soccer.

No Panic Here

Plain Jane Chelesa got down early in their last game.  Facing a one goal deficit going into the second half, they erupted for three and swept away the game 3-1.  Our boy Ramires got the last one which propelled us from push at -1 to cashing a +EV ticket.  This is where you have to love Chelsea.  Enough technical skill to sit on leads but still to darn good to not score when the chance presents itself.  Once they get a head of steam there is no looking back with this club.

Real Madrid Receiving Love

File this in your memory bank to withdraw on the appropriate wager.  Soccer legend Fabio Capello has come out with the quite strong stance that Real Madrid are heads and shoulders above the remaining teams in the Champions League.  Even though he says that Bayern and Barcelona are quite complete, it is the backfield that shines for Madrid.  Pirlo is the difference maker in RM’s upcomer against Juventus.  He maintains the Italian team must keep a clean sheet at home for a realistic hope in this one.  Look for a real low scoring game in this one.

As you can tell, we are examining the Champions League Semi with RM at Juventus.  We trust the analysis of the legendary Capello.  Even though he may have a soft spot for Italian teams, his thoughts are usually spot on.  Our recommendations is to go to the wall in this one.  Team total under 1/2 goal for Real Madrid in this one.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next time at Apex Soccer.