These Are the Biggest Soccer Betting Mistakes

If you only bet on the World Cup or Euro, you’re making one of the biggest soccer betting mistakes. Too many bettors only wager on the popular major tournaments. When you only bet on something once or twice a year, you are not going to be very good at it. Here are some of the

Make Money Betting on Soccer

You can make money betting on soccer. Key Points – To make money betting on soccer, one needs a strong understanding of the various bets that are offered. – Betting on soccer is different from betting on mainstream sports. Make Money Betting on Soccer In case you didn’t know, soccer just happens to be the

What is the Best Way to Bet on Soccer

We’re frequently asked, what is the best way to bet on soccer? So we decided to answer it for you. Key Points – Finding the best way to bet on soccer begins with understanding the markets available. – Using a handicapper and finding arbitrage opportunities are two of the best ways to bet on soccer.

Soccer Handicappers Crush Sportsbooks

Soccer handicappers make your days better. Key Points – Soccer handicappers employ some basic strategies to beat sportsbooks. – Using statistical models helps soccer handicappers crush sportsbooks. It’s the most popular sport in the world with professional leagues on almost every continent. Betting on soccer is also very popular and the best soccer handicappers are

Reading Soccer Betting Odds

Soccer betting odds can be complicated, let’s learn a little. Key Points – There are numerous ways to bet on soccer. – Because of the lack of scoring and the potential for ties, betting on soccer is a little different than other sports. Soccer, or futbol as it is known around the globe, is the

Gold Cup Free Pick : Can Mexico put Costa Rica to Rest?

For close to a year, Costa Rica has not had a win of note.  A change in leadership has left them floundering as whole sale changes were being adjusted to.  No longer do they have that iron backfield that allowed them to counter attack with impunity.  Now they face the national team from Mexico wanting