Daily Soccer Odds at Offshore Sportsbooks

Daily soccer odds at offshore sportsbooks have value. Key Points – Soccer bettors will find the best daily soccer odds offshore. – Offshore sportsbooks offer many advantages for soccer bettors. Daily Soccer Odds at Offshore Sportsbooks There is no question that soccer is the world’s game. It is played all over the world. There are

Who Will Win the 2019 UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League concludes on June 1st 2019. We’re into the quarterfinals and one thing’s for sure, Real Madrid won’t win the Champions League again. Real Madrid won the event the last three years, but they’ve already been eliminated. Why is Soccer Popular – Is it Worth Betting? Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge part

Why is Soccer Popular – Is it Worth Betting?

According to a recent report out of Bournemouth University, sports betting is worth $725 Billion dollars per year, worldwide! Now this is beyond a staggering number. Soccer accounts for 70% of this $725 Billion! This number is even more staggering. These numbers tell us a couple of things. One, soccer is by far the most

Are Totals Where It’s at When Betting Soccer?

When thinking of betting soccer, most fans know that it’s an easy sport to win on, but an equally easy sport to lose on. As with any sport, how much you win, depends on how much research you conduct. Quite possibly a lot of you enjoy betting other sports as well. Think of the time

Mourinho and Chelsea Fall Again in EPL Action

Chelsea surviving group play in the Champions League was thought to be a momentum builder but EPL action saw them stall all over again.  2-1 loss to Leicester City that was all too pedestrian.  What made it worse was all the space given to Jamie Vardy. They refused to allow other people to beat them

Value in Newcastle United Going Forward Free Pick 12/12

  Underperforming teams should be examined in the EPL as to see if they will continue to languish or have one last fight within them.  This is near the part of the season where some quit while others fight for all their worth to stave off relegation.  One team that has pinged our radar this

Can Porto Push Chelsea Out the Door?

Both fronts are near collapse for Chelsea.  At home and abroad, Mourinho is under pressure for his club’s disappointing performances.  On Wednesday, he faces the pivotal point for 2016 at the end of this year.  He takes on FC Porto in Champions League action.  Can his former team rise up and place the advancement to

Manchester United Headed Towards Chelsea Like Revolt?

Chelsea survived last season because it overachieved and won so much.  Now the world can see the decline because the players tire off phoning in the same boring but efficient matches.  Fast forward to Manchester United.  They have not slipped but are becoming plagued with more matches were nil nil is not uncommon.  Is the

Addressing Liverpool’s Goalkeep Situation

New man in town has Liverpool rocketing up the standings.  Now with the next transfer window arriving in January, the rumor mill has been in full effect.  More than just a tweak, the local press and fans have been crying out for an upgrade in the goalkeeper situation.  Find out from APEX Soccer Betting what

Manchester City to Stop Skid against Southhampton

Losing two matches in a row and getting shut out against Juventus has taken its toll on Manchester City.  With the scoreless draw against United also setting in some sting, the club would be up in arms if not for one key factor.  What is on the horizon to cure their immediate ills when they