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Pay Per Head Soccer Software

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Why You Should Love Leicester for Wagering Purposes

Forward thinking vision has certainly been rewarded this year or Leicester.  This was the club whose seven wins in their last nine games secured their place this year.  So how was this rewarded?  Well they sacked Nigel Pearson.  Chemistry, cohesion, and other elements were thought to be up for grabs this season.  However Claudio Ranieri

Injuries and EPL Fades

Injuries are part of the game that the EPL has to contend with. Combine that with the extra toil that the players have to contend with international friendlies and it is a difficult event to overcome if it happens to your favorite team.  APEX Soccer Betting is going to examine two of the higher profile


Transfer windows usually extol those that procured the prize.  Failures are usually put down to not having enough money in reserve to pry the player loose.  On today’s edition of APEX, we look at two cases where the cat did not catch the mouse.  First off we go to one of England’s biggest stars and

Benteke and Liverpool Going With the Flow

Bravo for Benteke So far so good for the gamble that Liverpool took.  An over 32 million pound investment is nothing to take lightly.  Cohesion was thought to be the stumbling block with this marriage.  Christian Benteke is known for his in the air scoring ability.  Problem was that Liverpool ranked dead last at those

Lamenting Liverpool’s Future Chances

How can one deride Liverpool after starting off the season with two wins?  Compound that with relinquishing no goals and one has to really see something that would cause people to exercise caution on ths club.  Yet this is exactly what APEX Soccer Betting is doing.  We are advising our clients to get off of

Gerard Pique Derails Barcelona with Verbal Attack on Mother

This time at APEX Soccer Betting we look at two of the elite clubs in all of the world.  One has lost a key cog in the backfield as he misfired his mouth at the wrong time.  On the other end of the spectrum, there is a club that when frustrated with the results in

Premier League Issues Entering 8/15

Across the pond, those Euro’s like to make some mountains out of mole hills.  How are people supposed to glean which are legitimate issues with their clubs and when the more paranoid types take to the air? Here at APEX Soccer Betting, we examined some of the more compelling items of news and rumor.  We

Stoke Scores Big with Shaqiri

Lonely old Stoke.  Whom would guess that they have something on par with the big boys?  With the newest addition to their fold, they have as many Champion League winners as Man U and Chelsea.  What latest player broke the bank but put them in prime contention at the start of this EPL season?  Find