Liverpool Primed to Play Free Pick

A fond farewell to Steven Gerrard as this final game of the season for Liverpool will be his last at Anfield wearing their colors.  Crystal Palace will have a full team as they seek to stop a four game slide.  Meanwhile Mamadou Sakho is likely to be a scratch as that pesky hamstring is still

Power Wielded by Players This Week

Making hay while the sun shines was the ultimate in time management in ancient times.  The three subjects in this piece are doing this right now in the world of international soccer.  Each has determined they are in a position of power and are not shy about using it.  Read on, to see which teams

Hull Haunted By Stain

  Technicality Stuns Hull Cue Kenny Loggins as Hull is now in the “Danger Zone.”  Burnley cashed in on a favorable matchup in the corner to nip Hull 1-0.  Michael Dawson is integral to those defensive formations but was forced to go off at the 62nd minute.  Blood on his shirt caused a rule to

Wide World of Relegation

One of the perks for fans of the Premier League is relegation.  It gives vim and vigor towards the end of the season that would normally not be there.  If you are prone to wager on relegation futures then we have a doozy for you.  Read on to find out what Apex Soccer Betting has

Chelsea Exceeding Expectations and Champions League Free Pick

EPL fans that live for action are lauding Chelsea’s surge to the top of the league.  For those that just watch the games for enjoyment, the dry style of Chelsea may not be their cup of tea.  However for those that put cold hard cash on the games, there are few better at coming through

Can We Cash on Chelsea Again?

Chelsea has to travel to Leicester for what is expected to be a tougher match than appears on paper.  However, we are not daunted from profiling Chelsea again.  We got the total right against Man U and Apex Soccer Betting feels like they have the pulse on this club.  What way will the wind blow

Falcao Should Go Where?

Radamel might have to reconsider the rejections he issued for certain stops in England.  He opted for United and found a situation now to his playing styles.  What rumored destination would see both him and that club have a rebirth on the soccer field.  Also find out what wild and wacky thought pattern Qatar is

Chelsea Has No Mercy for Dinged Man U Saturday

Soccer on the English side of the pond has levels of dissatisfaction that we might not perceive here in America.  Twitter has become an absolute burial ground for premier teams as fans vent against each other and even their own team.  Research was done into this and it was found that one club receives more

Inventory Influx of Significant Talent

Apex Soccer Betting is proud to bring you the best of action that soccer has to offer.  Through one of our primary sports book outs, America’s Bookie, we will examine what goes on the field so we can all make profit.  The love of the game, a good pint, and potential for more pocket change

Jameis Winston picks up first save for Florida State baseball

He wasn’t playing for the national championship this time, but Jameis Winston came through in another pressure situation for the Florida State Seminoles. Winston, who won the the Heisman Trophy on the gridiron this past season, also plays baseball for the Seminoles. On Saturay, coach Mike Martin brought him in to pitch in the eighth