Premier Players That Pack a Punch for 2015/16

Some of the better players in the Premier League are at a crossroads.  A career defining season is ahead of them.  One more in decline and they will be written off.  However, some will rise to the occasion and not only redeem themselves but carry their franchises to victory.  So without any further ado, let

Prognosticating Louis Van Gaal for August 8th

Looking to build upon last season momentum building 3-0 crushing of the spurs, it will be illuminating how Louis van Gaal ill maneuver for the start of the season.  August 8th is just a little over a week away.  APEX Soccer Betting has decided to explore the roads he could take to start the next

Gold Cup Free Pick : Can Mexico put Costa Rica to Rest?

For close to a year, Costa Rica has not had a win of note.  A change in leadership has left them floundering as whole sale changes were being adjusted to.  No longer do they have that iron backfield that allowed them to counter attack with impunity.  Now they face the national team from Mexico wanting

Destiny Dictates Strong Costa Rica Performance 7/14

Costa Rica could be put in a precarious position should it falter this evening at 8:30PM against Canada.  The Gold Cup has seen the over achieving nation garner just two draws after surrendering leads in both of their other group games.  A misstep here and most of the World Cup progress they had shown will

Can Costa Rica Crash the Gold Cup Party?

One has to remember that while the memories of the Costa Rican World Cup run are impressive, this team might not be near this level.  So much is being made of the dominance of Mexico and the United States in the Gold Cup.  The whispers are that Costa Rica can finally crack the grip that

Brazil and Paraguay Battle in Copa Semifinal on 6/27

America’s Bookie has joined us to give their impressions on the COPA tournament.  Of particular interest is the quarterfinal between Paraguay and Brazil.  These teams last met in this tournament four  years ago when Paraguay squeaked by on penalty kicks.  This time around features a juicy three way betting line with speculation and prediction wide

Radamel Falcao to Chelsea Enrages Twitter

Even the Copa has not been able to snap Radamel Falcao out of his nearly year long funk.  This did not make a difference to Chelsea as they seek to iron out a deal for a year long loan of the Colombian star.  Find out how even a suspect knee could not derail this deal

USA Women’s Soccer a Fade in World Cup Futures

Zero zero ties in friendlies can be described as the ultimate time waster for the side coined as the favorite.  South Korea certainly could not complain by the result of this draw on American soil.  What can we draw from the United states women’s soccer performance before the World Cup?  Will this effect our betting

Free Fall of FIFA

Soccer has been stood on its ear by the allegations of wide spread corruption.  It is not the surprise that it happened but that the US government stepped in to take over the investigation.  Even their impartiality has been called into question as they were in second place behind Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Benefits of Betting Soccer at an Online Sportsbook

Expanding your frontiers to every world market is one of the benefits of betting soccer at an online sportsbook.  Most of us that operate in the world of paper betting slips only had the remotest of possibilities of wagering the World Cup and maybe the English Premier League.  Now the barriers to a global economy