Can We Cash on Chelsea Again?

Chelsea has to travel to Leicester for what is expected to be a tougher match than appears on paper.  However, we are not daunted from profiling Chelsea again.  We got the total right against Man U and Apex Soccer Betting feels like they have the pulse on this club.  What way will the wind blow in our Free Pick this week for the 2:30 PM game on Wednesday?

No longer Cellar Dwellers

Double edged for Leicester.  They have won four in a row to get out of that bottom three designation.  This is really important but are they utterly spent doing this?  This is what happens when an average team underperforms to such an extent.  Shock was felt in pubs as Leicester kept on being mired in the mud.  Now that they are out, their fragile mindset will probably more often than not get them to take a day off against the formidable Chelsea squad.  After all, no one will blame them from losing this one.

What will the 3-5-2 bring?

The air of mystery and some of the novelty of their new formation has worn off.  Enough film existst to poke some holes in it.  What is important here is that the Chelsea coach is not going to take this mid week matchup off and will rest virtually no one of importance!  This and Crystal Palace should have them clinching first.  To make this happen, the hunker and bunker style of Chelsea of late must be put aside.  Counter attack will leave leicester really vulnerable.  It all comes down to the risk taking mentality of Chelsea.

Eden Hazard’s judgment will be front and center.  Leciester is spent and it is up to the Dutch player to create chances.  Chelsea will do so in fine form Wednesday.  Spot – 1 +139 here as only the coach himself could stop Chelsea from cruising here.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Apex Soccer Betting.