Brazil Soccer : Miss BumBum Wannabe Livens up Match

Even the scoreless draw of Brazil soccer has more flair than most of the other games worldwide.  Great to see everyone is back here at APEX Soccer Betting.  We could go over the exhausting details of the nil draw between Gremio and Palmeiras on September 11th.  Brazil soccer is an attractive and profitable draw at Americas Bookie.  However, we decided to go the eye candy route when a Miss BumBum candidate made it over the barrier to the delight of the crowd.

A for Effort

In the following clip provided by Mike Tyson footballclips on Youtube, we see a guard wrestling with the young lady.  It gets to be quite a grab fest for around seven seconds before he lets her go.  Immediately she bolts towards the field where security throws up his hands in mock disgust.  Watch and see the stands.  This would have kept fans in their seats.

Best Foot Forward

Naturally in a pageant named BumBum, we are not going to provide a picture of her face over that of her posterior.  Brazil has an annual beauty contest where ladies are judged by their rumps.  Some of them even where masks so as to not detract from the asset being ascertained.  Soccer stunts and contestant candidates have a long history of going hand in hand.

Sometimes one just has to enjoy the scenery.  Britain gives us quality EPL action.  Italy has Serie for us to profit on.  Every league has their WAG’s to judge but Brazil goes over and above even in this aspect.  Good fortune in your soccer speculation.  Join us next time as we bring free picks to profit by here at APEX Soccer Betting.