Brazil and Paraguay Battle in Copa Semifinal on 6/27

America’s Bookie has joined us to give their impressions on the COPA tournament.  Of particular interest is the quarterfinal between Paraguay and Brazil.  These teams last met in this tournament four  years ago when Paraguay squeaked by on penalty kicks.  This time around features a juicy three way betting line with speculation and prediction wide open by the experts.  Find out why some are leaning they way they are and to glean the all important America’s Bookie Free Pick in this one.

No Neymar

A loss against Colombia in group play combined with Neymar’s suspension have many muttering more than usual on Brazil.  To be fair, Brazil might be a better team without the world’s elite level player.  No longer are the players on a stand still hoping for Neymar to weave his magic.  Now even the supplemental players are getting looks at the ball.  With balance on both sides of the field when they have possession, more chances were created against Venezuela then in a long time with this current squad.  If they can overcome odd defensive lapses then all should be well.

Paraguay Roars Back

Momentum is back in their corner.  It was sorely lacking as this nation failed to get out of World Cup qualification last year.  They have stemmed the tide and stopped the bleeding.  Look at their game against Argentina. Down 2-0, they came back for the draw.  A stunning result in how it happened as few thought they were capable of equalization when down by that much.  They have a punchers chance in this one.

The three way line sees Brazil as a -142 favorite.  A draw comes in at +255 while Paraguay rings to the tune of +485.  Brazil has too much balance to out right lose to make the +485 worth while.  Can they hold Brazil to another penalty shoot out or does Brazil outright win?  Their are problems for both nations but Brazil is playing like a team more than they have in a long time.  Take the favorite in this one (Brazil -142).  Good fortune and we will see you net time at Apex Soccer Betting.