Bigger is Not Better as Tottenham Hotspur Crushes Man U 4/12

One of the main reasons why aspiring soccer investors experience initial setbacks is their failure to comprehend the true value of the lines.  Good Morning and welcome to APEX Soccer Betting.  Today, we relive the weekend shocker in which we saw Tottenham Hotspur demolish and demoralize Manchester United 3-0.  While we did not fall into the trap of betting the brand name, in no way did we see this chasm on the field performance.  So let us examine what went wrong and the true value of Manchester United going forward.

Bigger is Not Better

Before going in depth, we would be remiss not to mention that APEX Soccer Betting has published an article on soccer betting advice that serves as a foundation for our front page pieces.  Today we go to the English Premier League.  A popular attraction as it gets a rabid European fan base that drives action.  Prices here fluctuate more than in most other markets.  This translates to profit in our pockets if our timing proves correct.  Did it this weekend when the little guy swarmed Big Bad Man U?

It Was at Home Last Sunday!

Shut out is one thing but to have it happen in your own crib in a decisive loss will have the hometown tongues lashing for weeks on end.  A tweet proclaiming 14 years of White Hart Lane futility is at an end is apt.  Stars like Gareth Bale decided that the Man U situation was so up in the air that he turned down a 100 million offer to join them.  His foresight proved correct.  3-0 is more than a fluke.  Head coach Louis Van Gaal succumbed to panic and had many questionable insertions into the starting lineup.  This ruptured the little chemistry that the club had left.  All of this translated into wide open space for Rose to run in for Tottenham.


At half it was a nil affair but Tottenham had the better of it.  They had the positional advantage and in the second half their tactics translated into goals.  A flurry of three strikes found the back of the next in a span of six minutes.  The first goal saw midfield possession translate into a series of passes that resulted in a cross to Alli whom finished it with flair.  That was the equivalent of being punched in the nose as Man U were sent reeling.  Vulnerable beyond compare, they yielded the final two scores.  The rest was just killing time in a 3-0 win.

So what did we learn from all of this?  First is that brand name inflates prices.  Man U will usually run higher than they should in the market because of blind wagering loyalty.  Secondly is the mutiny factor.  When players want a coach gone, they will find a way.  Chelsea did it with their leader this year and it seems that Manchester United is in check cashing mode right now.  All of this is an easy fade for most of the remainder of this season.  Good fortune in your soccer speculation and we will see you next week here at the APEX.