Benteke and Liverpool Going With the Flow

Bravo for Benteke

So far so good for the gamble that Liverpool took.  An over 32 million pound investment is nothing to take lightly.  Cohesion was thought to be the stumbling block with this marriage.  Christian Benteke is known for his in the air scoring ability.  Problem was that Liverpool ranked dead last at those crosses he could avail himself to.  They beat Stoke City in a snoozer and then took off after that.  Continued progress stands as fair warning on the prowess Liverpool will possess this season.

Man U Caves in Asking Price

35 million pounds and not a shilling less was the drum Manchester United beat in regards to goalie David De Gea.  With the transfer window shrinking, Manchester blinked in their standoff with Real Madrid.  The agreed upon transfer fee was thirty million pounds.  Louis Van Gaal’s unwavering stance of not playing David until this got resolved has harmed the fragile chemistry of Man U.  The coach thought they would not move him and now faces a quandry.  Run your first string goalie ragged or take a risk with unproven depth.

Finally, here is a trend to embrace.  Home teams are not winning during this EPL season.  Six wins out of thirty matches is a staggering number.  One of the games was decided on an own goal from a stagnant attack.  Think of Costa Rican national team soccer being entrenched by the visitors.  Deep defensive formations with rapid transition to the home run attack with the long ball.  Until a new counter measure is found, look for more of the lower rated visitors to embrace this trend.

Lastly, here are some topics you should choose to investigate this weekend.  Is Arsenal grasping for straws for their season aspirations already?  Should the price on Chelsea be lessened?  Finally how far will Sunderland sink this season?  These are the questions that will improve your handicapping.  Good fortune on examining these topics and your wagers on EPL action on Saturday at America’s Bookie.