Bet33 Sportsbook Review

Many months of soccer wagering to mere moments for collecting your cash is what Bet33 has built their business model on.  Nestled in the offshore wagering mecca of Costa Rica, Bet33 has continually expanded their offerings, and customer service to encompass the universe of online wagering.  With their sportsbook, racebook, and online casino, attractive wagering options are available at any hour during every day of the week.

Boon to Your Bankroll

Since their inception in 2005, Bet33 has lead the way in attractive promotions for their loyal customers.  They use a two prong approach that assists the customer both during their initial stage of wagering and as a cushion should the bankroll hit a bump or two in the road.  Their variable free play promotional package lets the client choose the level of freeplay they desire to claim.  With low rollovers, bsoccer is ideal sport to clear this low requirement in rapid fashion.

Also what is attractive with Bet33 is their gambler’s insurance policy.  Your valued investments all carry contingency plans should the unforeseen happen.  A deposit of $500 or more enrolls you in their GI policy.  Basically it provides the customer with 10 percent of their losses back as cash in their account should their hunches prove to be incorrect.  Even the best of us have fell victim to an underdog .  Now we have that protection to keep us in the game should this befall any of us.

Individual and Team Wagering Options

Wagering on soccer at Bet33 allows the client to choose whether to wager on the draw or bet a decisive result in regulation time.  For those that do not like three line wagering, spread betting is available to allow for only a definitive result at the end of the game.  Finally totals can be speculated to cash in on your hunch should you feel the event will be a high or low scoring affair.  Tie all of this with the options of futures and props and the Bet33 customer has an armada of choices to profit from.


All of this provides the package with the unique bow that Bet33 has.  The cherry on the top has to do with their payment processing.  Their business model is very effective because they believe in cultivating customer loyalty.  How this is done is by keeping the speed of the withdrawals in line with the manner in which they handle deposits!  When a customer sees this, the pressure is off of them as in worry of when they will get paid.  In rapid fashion, this allows them to focus on making winning wagers.   All of this is why Apex Soccer Wagering recommends Bet33 as a quality place to rest in the dugout during the hectic baseball season. Good fortune to you and avail yourself of their many promotions today at Bet33.