Bet On Soccer History : Leicester City @ Man U

Few things are more rewarding when one can bet on soccer history or any other pivotal moment in sport and carry home cash to boot.  Leicester City has had one of the all time great turnaround seasons in English Premier League history.  The Foxes were on the very edge of relegation last year and now are a scant three point away from clinching first place. What were the odds of this happening?  Well here at APEX Soccer Betting, we have not only what one could have gotten in the futures market but the profit that one can get on May 1st betting on this historic event.

Bet On Soccer History : 5,000 to 1

At one point, sportsbooks all over the world were offering these type of inflated odds.  Even after the initial wins started piling up, skepticism plus the oddsmakers yearning for a bit more money still had 1,000 to 1 odds up.  Punters like the one pictured in the article are so close to cashing in.  Three games and all they need is three points. Totenham could only draw with West Brom 1-1 to fall further off the pace last time out.  The odds have now changed to 1 to 12 that Leicester will win the EPL title.  Quite a turnaround and one of just many that is found in soccer wagering among all the world wide leagues.

Next Up Manchester United

So how can we potentially cash in on history?  APEX Soccer Betting has our bet on soccer guide that shows you the ins and outs of capitalizing on these moments in soccer history.  First off before jumping on this bandwagon, one must realize that their best player is suspended for the May 1st match at 9AM EST.  Jamie Vardy has been one of the best scorers in the game today and the big reason why Leicester is where they are at.  He got sent off during a 2-2 draw against West Ham and took his protest to the referee a little too far.  He was nicked 10,000 pounds and suspended for this match.

First Time in 132 Years Might not be May 1st

Even though Manchester United is a trainwreck this season, their prowess at home is still in tact.  5th in the EPL overall, they have the third best record at home with 11 wins and four draws in 17 games.  With Vardy out, speculation is that one goal by Man U would be enough to get a draw.  Van Gaal and company do not want to be the locale where Leicester finally realizes their dream and becomes EPL champs for the first time in 132 years.

Ah to be a fan in Leicester right now.  This city of just over 300,000 people has been preparing for months as their soccer club has never really stumbled this season.  Now is the time to wager on history but not until they host Everton next week.  Here at APEX Soccer Betting, we advise to wager the three way draw line and the under goals in the totals. Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer.