Bet on Soccer Guide

U.S. Sports betting aficionados would most likely be astonished to hear that — putting the entire globe into perspective — the most popular kind of sports betting activity is soccer betting by far. For those of us accustomed to sports betting on professional U.S. football matches, it would be hard to imagine just how huge soccer wagering is in Europe. With the renowned fervor for soccer games there — some people would say almost fanatical — it is only natural that betting on soccer would be equally as popular.

Betting on soccer is in fact a lot similar to wagering on professional baseball or National Hockey League matches. Just like in hockey and baseball, soccer betting also involves the money line, with the major difference being that in soccer betting the bettor can wager on either of the two teams, as well as a tie. In this case, betting on a tie means that any soccer team you placed your bet on has to win for you to win your bet.

Below are some examples of frequently-used soccer lines.

A typical soccer game will odds like:

Rotherham United (-182)
Draw (+230)
Forest Green (+ 450)

If you bet on Rotherham United, you will be risking $18.20 to win $10. On the flipside, if you wager on Forest Green, you have a chance of winning $45 for each stake of $10 that you bet IF the team wins.

You may also choose to bet on a draw where you will actually have to risk your $10 for an opportunity to win $23. Note that since you have the option of wagering on a tied result, for you to win your bet your favorite team must win the match.

The following is another example of the odds that you would expect to see on another soccer game:

Bristol Rovers (+140)
Draw (+220)
Leyton Orient (+150)

This particular example displays teams that are both underdogs, something you can never expect to see in the NHL or baseball, due to the fact that it enables the possibility of tied outcomes.

Other Kinds of Soccer Bets:

In a number of soccer matches, the total (over/under) could be posted, a situation which allows you to bet on either over or under a particular number of goals, hence the naming. The typical number used for these kinds of bets is 2.5. This means that for you to win your bet if you wager on the over, your team must score at least three goals. Contrarily, if you bet on the under, your team must not score more than two goals for you to win your bet.

For some soccer games, proposition betting can also be used. Betting factors used here include the time when the first goal is scored, the particular team that scores first, the team that will be ahead of their opponent by the time the game goes to halftime, etc. This kind of betting has the potential of being quite lucrative if you are exceptionally very knowledgeable of the team that you are betting on.

Some Concluding Words on Soccer Betting:

Making the highest returns possible on soccer betting requires that you define your ultimate goal earlier on and work towards trying to achieve it. Just wagering haphazardly or in an irresponsible way almost always ends in a disaster. If you add to that betting for increasingly very high stakes so as to make up for losses, wagering day in day out with no particular clear goal in mind, this will most likely not go as you have planned. In addition, many sportsbooks often offer free bets so you should keep an eye for that as well.

Among the very first things to do is to set up your wagering fund or bankroll — the amount of cash you are ready to lose as you bet. Under any circumstances whatsoever, never borrow money in order to bet. And finally, you should not try to make your soccer betting activities — or any other kind of gambling for that matter — the source of money for your daily living needs.

As you have learnt, betting on soccer is quite easy (relative to other types of betting), especially for those of us familiar with money line betting. Anybody with some familiarity with this kind of betting will have no trouble entering the enchanting world of soccer betting.