Basic Bet Big Profit Euro 2016 Semis

A basic bet nets one the potential for big profit in the Euro Semi Final between Portugal and Wales.  Wednesday at 3PM EST on the 6th of July pits a new kid on the block against the aging escape artists.  There is a favorite but all the dimensions of the three way line return over +100 here.  Wager the courage of your convictions and come through with profit right after the holiday here at APEX Soccer Betting.

Basic Bet : Portugal-Wales

With Wales beating Belgium 3-1, they have proven that they are no fluke.  Inexperience at this stage proved little impediment last game.  Now they get a Portugal team that has been scraping by by the skin of their teeth.  To gain perspective, we are going to look at what the three way line holds for us.  If this terminology is foreign to you, check out High Street Betting’s article on Basic Soccer Bets for a 101 on the subject.

  • Portugal to win +115
  • Draw +200
  • Wales +300

Key Losses

Wales have two players missing the game on their side because they received a yellow card last time out.  Even though that will tinker with their depth, it could be a man missing from Portugal that turns the tide in this one.  PePe has been the workhorse for this Portugal team.  He allows the team to give enough freedom for Ronaldo to just roam around in free space.  He has had his thigh muscle taped up since Monday.  Should he make it back, he will not be full strength.  Look for this to restrict the various facets of offense that they can throw at Wales.

Free Pick and the money maker of the tournament is the spread here.  Wales gets + 1/2 at -135.  This is good for the 90 minutes and stoppage time.  You get a payday if Wales wins or draws.  Beautiful bet for a great game this Wednesday.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.