English Premier League 2020-21 Betting Preview

The English Premier League season just finished, but it is already time to look forward to the 2020-21 season and handicap the title race. It is not yet known if there will be fans allowed, but the next season in England starts on Sept. 12. IT PAYS TO BET ON THE GAMES AT AMERICA’S BOOKIE

Soccer Betting – Read the Information…And the Tea Leaves

By Charles Jay  Certainly I would not consider myself to be at the point where I am an “expert” soccer bettor. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find it very intriguing, with – how should I say – plenty of “opportunity for growth.”  And interestingly enough, I haven’t done too badly with it so

Who Will Win the 2019 UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League concludes on June 1st 2019. We’re into the quarterfinals and one thing’s for sure, Real Madrid won’t win the Champions League again. Real Madrid won the event the last three years, but they’ve already been eliminated. Why is Soccer Popular – Is it Worth Betting? Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge part

Why is Soccer Popular – Is it Worth Betting?

According to a recent report out of Bournemouth University, sports betting is worth $725 Billion dollars per year, worldwide! Now this is beyond a staggering number. Soccer accounts for 70% of this $725 Billion! This number is even more staggering. These numbers tell us a couple of things. One, soccer is by far the most

Find a Great Sportsbook for Soccer Betting – Tips for Success

Betting on soccer has become an international mega pastime with untold millions of dollars spent every year. There are several reason for the betting phenomena that soccer has become and one of the main reasons would be attributable to the yearlong season. Literally, the season never stops. Soccer is the one sports that bettors can

World Cup Soccer’s Biggest Venue A Few Days Out

The World Cup is set to go off on June 14th and fans everywhere want in. The greatest event in all of soccer takes place every four years and this year’s competition is better than ever before. Have you taken care of business, have you done your research, do you know who you want to

Finding the Best Sportsbook for the World Cup

For soccer fans the World Cup is the holy grail of soccer events. It simply doesn’t get any bigger than this and it only happens once every 4 years. This year’s events are being hosted by Russia and they are putting on the ritz. Nothing is being held back by the Russians and the venues

World Cup Right around the Corner | Great Betting Options

Think you don’t like soccer? Rethink this and come at it with a gambling perspective. There is a lot of money at stake in this year’s World Cup and we are right around the corner. The 2018 World Cup kicks off on June 14th and goes through July 15th. This event is a world class

Brush Up Your Soccer Betting Skills

The World Cup is bigger and better than ever before and betting on this event is a boon for sports gamblers. Find a great place online to make all of your soccer bets and have fun this year. There are a few great bookie that love to work with American players and offer soccer. Check

Are Totals Where It’s at When Betting Soccer?

When thinking of betting soccer, most fans know that it’s an easy sport to win on, but an equally easy sport to lose on. As with any sport, how much you win, depends on how much research you conduct. Quite possibly a lot of you enjoy betting other sports as well. Think of the time