America’s Bookie Salutes Leicester City

The world had to wait one more day but Leicester City has accomplished the near impossible.  Good morning soccer fans as APEX Soccer Betting greets a new day.  English premier champs are not crowned every day let alone for the first time in a club’s history.  Yesterdays action sealed the deal for this highly improbable story to come to fruition.  Join us now as America’s Bookie salutes Leicester City clinching the EPL title yesterday.

Leicester City Wins it All

An underdog story for the ages that had a few savvy bettors cashing in at odds of 5,000 to 1.  Have to understand that this club was dead last among the teams that avoided relegation last year.  Pundits openly were hyper critical of the club enlisting the services of a venerable Claudio Ranieri.  He transcended the attitude of the league with his team.  Instead of the search for more money, he instilled the often lacking trait of hunger among the players.  Look at open revolts in Chelsea and other locales as examples of players tired of working hard.  Claudio created a vision which the players accepted with the results being the trophy.

No Panic

Getting so close to the end did not have them in a panic.  At Manchester United, they fell down 1-0 within the first thirteen minutes of play.  They immediately stormed back for an equalizer.  Riveting play back and forth for a critical tie.  Now Tottenham would have to beat Chelsea to stay in the race in a mathematical sense.  With the world watching on May 2nd, all that Totenham could muster was a 2-2 tie.  Translation : seven point Leicester lead with two games left.  They can not be caught.

In the Streets

Thank you for live coverage of the clinching celebration from Travis Barker on Youtube

What this Means

Look at how big this is in soccer sense for all the world.

  • Nearly 500,000 tweets of congratulations
  • Japan was celebrating as star Shinji Okazki is one of their own.
  • Over $132 million for winning the EPL
  • $48.5 million participation bonus for Premier league qualification

Congratulations again to Leicester City and their fans.  America’s Bookie salutes your EPL title.