Aftermath of Paris? Germany and Netherlands Called Off

With Paris heavy in most people’s hearts, the friendly between the Netherlands and Germany was called off just before the match was to begin.  People were starting to pour into the stadium as the announcement was starting to be made.  HDI-Arena was searched and a yet to be announced device or object was located.  Further sweeps were deemed necessary so the prudent decision was to send everyone home.

Credible Threat

German authorities believed the tip they received that this match was to be the next hammer blow that a terrorist group was going to wield.  Only four days since the senseless violence claimed over 100 lives in Paris, quick thinking and highly trained professionals headed off another potential incident.

90 Minutes

People, fans, and maybe even hooligans were meandering outside the stadium enjoying the free time before this international friendly.  Around 2 1/2 hours before game time, the gates were sealed.  An hour later, the authorities reopened the stadium and people were heading in.  Ninety minutes before kickoff, the second announcement came with the locale being emptied and the match being called.  The matter was so hush that even the governing body over German soccer was unaware of what was happening until they too arrived at the stadium.

Belgium thought it was proactive to cancel their match with Spain.  The British were keeping a stiff upper lip and were amping up the security for their match against France.  England is probably the most experienced with this level of security after they hosted the Summer Games in London.  An anxious eye will be cast to Wembley Stadium to see if the event goes off without a hitch.