Addressing Liverpool’s Goalkeep Situation

New man in town has Liverpool rocketing up the standings.  Now with the next transfer window arriving in January, the rumor mill has been in full effect.  More than just a tweak, the local press and fans have been crying out for an upgrade in the goalkeeper situation.  Find out from APEX Soccer Betting what Jurgen Klopp’s view point of this is as Liverpool enters a pivotal point in their schedule.

Here is the Direct Answer

Many thanks to This Is Anfield on Youtube for posting this clip from his recent press conference on the subject.

Suddenly, Stoke is in the position to possibly have to court offers for Jack Butland.  However Liverpool might not be one of the courters.  Second chances do abound as Simon Mignolet has a new lease on life.  The Brendon Rodgers era was certainly not a highlight for Mignolet but Klopp thinks that is all in the past.  Klopp iterates that the Belgian is one of the smartest players he has ever met.  Better yet, he is open to input on how to improve.  Finally, he is young enough to do so and become top tier once again.

With this endorsement, Liverpool seems determined to stay the course  APEX Soccer Betting agrees with his appraisal of their goal tending situation.  With such a public endorsement from their leader, look for the team totals on the opposition of Liverpool to continue to hit the under.  Good fortune with this soccer tip and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer.