AC Milan Roars Into Our Focus

Serie A has presented a profitable plum in one of their marque teams. AC Milan had been the death of many a soccer bankroll as they fell flat on their face at the start of the season. Only now has the rebound come with consecutive wins. Now they have scratched and clawed up to eighth in the standings. Find out from APEX Soccer Betting what is behind this reform and how the linemakers have not caught onto the potential of a long winning streak in AC Milan’s immediate future.

Formation Difficulties

A 4-3-1-2 is a headache waiting to happen even with teams that have solid chemistry. This edition of AC Milan had personality clashes and their cohesion came to a crash. At least, Sinisa Mihajlovic proved to be flexible and altered his teams approach. A change to the 4-3-3 cashed in immediate dividends with two wins. Players like Alessio Cerci find that their natural talents come out more in this structure. Now the coach has the challenge to push his stars even harder forward so they can salvage their Serie A season.

Lazio and Atalanta

Time for the leapfrogging to begin. These clubs are both in the near future and closest to them in the standings. A new compact formation has restricted scoring chances to a scant three shots in the last three games. The team is almost free rolling in both opposition team totals and the win/draw wager. This is where one should pounce for profit right now. The APEX Soccer Betting Free Play plan does revolve around AC Milan. Go under in opposing team totals.. Milan might draw but will not lose their either on Nov 1st or 7th. Good fortune with these and we will check in next week here at APEX Soccer Betting.