2016 EPL Start of Season : Who is Destined to be Relegated?

Start of the 2016 EPL has two polarizing arguments.  Rants and raves about who is best dominate the market.  Good Afternoon and welcome back to APEX Soccer Betting.  Also on the agenda is the debate among the teams that are happy to be there.  Three teams will slide off of the EPL highest level.  Today, we are going to look at the most likely candidates to do so today here at APEX Soccer.

2016 EPL : Candidates for Relegation

Brunley is an odd choice considering that they just beat Liverpool 2-0 in quite the shocker.  Here is a team that can play well one week and then regress the next.  Their selection hinges on statements by management.  They have come out on record saying that they can not compete financially with the big boys.  Hence no transfers of note to infuse life into them.  A team that knows it can be picked clean each and every year follows their pattern of getting up to the EPL and then sliding back down.  A cycle that will continue this year with their projected relegation.

Bournemouth Most Likely

Two bad losses to start out the season has Bournemouth in many dead pools when it comes to EPL soccer.  Team is short on talent and their depth is not great either.  Without a decent start, this team will not get any sort of traction.  Balance and attrition will wear them down to the nub this season.  If you have a consistent team to fade in your wagering plans at Americas Bookie then let it be Bournemouth for the delight of your bankroll.

Three teams will leave the lofty heights of the EPL.  We project that Bournemouth and Brunley are going to be gone at the end of this season.  Fade to your heart’s content at AB and other quality sportsbooks all season long.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Soccer Betting.